I met Dave in 2006 when I started riding with the Recyclers.  My friendship with him was made through our common love of cycling. I loved his sense of humor and his laugh. His laugh made me laugh.  As I started going through my photo archives to find pictures I’d taken of Dave through the years, I found myself laughing all over again and shaking my head.  He definitely was a character. 

I hope others who view the pictures I post here will enjoy a laugh or two and recall some of the fun moments we all shared with Dave.  I invite all of you who visit this site to contribute a story or memory of Dave to help celebrate his life.  - Greta



02/10/2013 3:03pm

I echo Greta's sentiments. Dave just always seemed to be in a good mood. One of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to be around. I feel very fortunate that I had the opportunity to share some really fun times and rides with Dave. A truly infectious laugh!!!

Bob Calhoun
02/11/2013 12:09pm

We all had some great laughs, and wonderful riding times with Dave.
We were discussing younger days, and he told the story of his old car with bad shocks that he made it into la low rider by putting cement blocks behind the front seats.
In a more serious time I got into his career of work, and I was so impressed, and realized this guy is a increidable Craftsman.
I am shocked that he went before me.

Life is not fair--we will always remember our good friend.

02/11/2013 10:56pm

I am so glad I had a chance to ride with Dave, especially on our week day Rusty rides. Coffee at the beach and hanging out with him at Bill Sperlings' camper at San Elijio. Also, will never forget his turquoise bike.

02/12/2013 8:13pm

It's not often that you meet someone who makes a profound impact on your life and gives you the ability to pass along those same gifts to others. I met Dave during my job interview 16 years ago, during which I stopped to comment on a pair of Great Horned Owls outside the window on top of a water tank. The other interviewers in the room weren't sure what to make of it, but Dave just smiled, talked about the owls, and brought it back to the script. He understood about interests outside of the job, saw the big picture, and we just hit it off from day one.

Dave helped with the transition of a new job, smoothed the way on many occasions, and had faith in my abilities to succeed. I now have the same job he held and try to follow his lead in allowing co workers to find their own potential and provide a bit of guidance if I can. He had a fine sense of humor, but was damn serious about his work and expected the same dedication from everyone. I always said we would walk through fire for Dave, there might just be a lot of smoke for me.

Speaking of smoke, He and Leslie almost lost their lives during the Cedar Fire, certainly they lost everything else, except the clothes they were wearing and a car. Not even shoes. This event changed him, and Leslie. He came through eventually with her help and a renewed ability to see the importance of life. Family and friends.

Plus, he got to buy some new bikes. Carbon fiber makes such a beautiful flame. He enjoyed riding and I believe it helped him get through all of the difficult days. I certainly had a good time with him and Mary looked forward to seeing him on Sundays. . You just can't get mad at a guy that calls you "Shitbird". He was kind and funny, no matter the circumstance.

We will miss him and wish his family resiliance and love in the days ahead.

Frank Fernandez
02/13/2013 11:57am

About 10 years ago I was looking for some people to ride with and I saw an ad in a magazine at a bike shop. Dave was listed as the contact for the group called "Recyclers"
I called him and he laughed over the phone, telling me that the group was old and slow. I told him that was my style and began my relationship with Dave and the Recyclers.
When I had my accident last July, I was riding with Dave. He took me to the emergency room and stayed with me until my wife, Carmen, could get to the hospital. He also comforted her while I was loopy with drugs. He took my bike home with him and then delivered it to me when I got out.He also visited me at the hospital.
We rode a lot after that and he always waited for me when I was having trouble.
I will really miss him.
I guess that what being a friend means.

Tammy DeWitt
02/25/2013 7:20am

Dave was one of the most awesome supervisors I have ever had the pleasure of working for. If it hadn't been for him giving me the chance of being a utility worker here at Padre Dam, I don't know what kind of career path I would have ended up in. His sense of humor can never be matched, along with his crazy recolections of many a job always left me laughing . He will be greatly missed by all of us. Thanks for the memories Dave!! RIP

03/01/2013 2:22pm

All of your words mean the world to me and Dave's family. Thank you for sharing his "biking time" and being his friend. He will be forever missed but left some wonderful memories.
Thank You one and all.

03/01/2013 3:28pm

Dave and I were lucky enough to share the same passion when it came to cycling. I enjoyed his visit to Tucson where not only did we squeeze in a few rides but he and Leslie helped build a straw bail home. He was also kind enough to let us tag a long on few of his rides in SD. I will always remember those rides.

Dean Barron
03/01/2013 4:23pm

I wish I could say just one good thing about Dave. I met Dave when I was 12 years old and he was 15-16 or so. He had that Hollywood smile, personality plus and was a great athlete. In high school, I loved watching him run the hurdles. I wish I could say just one good thing about Dave but identifying just one thing would be impossible as we shared so many good times over the years. It would be even more difficult to come up with something to say about Dave that was negative. He was a good friend and will be missed.

03/01/2013 6:56pm


03/02/2013 11:32am

Dave Nunez, a great friend will be missed. He was a leader by example, could always show a better way. A friend to all who knew him. Always willing to ride or tell a story.


03/02/2013 8:11pm

I think the most amazing story Dave (and Leslie) ever told Sara and I was about their amazing escape from the Cedar Fire back in 2003. I know it was pure trauma for them to lose everything they had (except a pair flip flops and a Cadillac, but the way they told the story made it seem like just another part of their life's adventure. As I recall, they woke up to the sound of their windows imploding, grabbed a wallet and a pair of pants, and ran to the garage. Hopping in the Caddy, they backed out and down their long driveway, and drove through the smoke, following Dave's instincts about which way the fire was moving. It sounded terrifying, but the way they told the story - including finding Leslie's melted Miata in the garage - put a crazy, adventurous glint on it. Guess that's just the way things were for them - what a gift!

Bill Sperling
03/02/2013 8:28pm

I met Dave and the Recyclers when the group was small. Many rides we would chat about everything and the time flew by. As yrs passed I would call him the night before an unplanned ride and we would meet anywhere in the county for a fun ride. He had a great outlook on life and loved his wife and family very much. I truly miss him but I am a better person to have known him

Steve Limtiaco
03/08/2013 9:32am

Once in a great while, you will be lucky enough to meet someone who enriches your own life Dave was one of those people. Dave had the best sense of humor always making you laugh and was a great human being. Thank you Dave.

03/11/2013 11:33am

Wow, where do you start with a guy like my friend Dave ? I first met Dave in the middle of the quad at Grossmont High School in 1956. He was a freshman back then. He was always clowning around in the quad with jokes and one liners. You couldn't help but just "hang out" and listen to him. He had a "magnetic" personality that kept you around. Years later around 2002 or so, I met this guy at the bike shop and he was getting ready to purchase a road bike. I went over and grabbed it and hung it on the scale and Dave yelled at me...."Hey what are you doing ? I'm buying that bike !" Apologizing to him I then asked: "Where did you go to school ?"
He replied Grossmont and I asked his name and when he said Dave Nunez I instantly reminded him that he was the "clown in the quad" and we both laughed and the renewed friendship started again. He became part of the original "Dirty Dozen" of the RECYCLERS. From then on, we all had the pleasure of knowing one of the nicest guys we could ever ask for as a friend. Dave accused me of recruiting even homeless people into the group, but I think in the end, we built some great friendships with the help of our buddy Dave. Myself, along with the rest of you will have a special spot in our hearts for Dave....A great fellow.


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